The Trustforte Corporation Code of Conduct

Required Standards of Good Practice
For Academic Evaluators of The Trustforte Corporation

Evaluations prepared by The Trustforte Corporation all must meet the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and ethical character, and must be in accord with national and international credentials equivalency standards. The Trustforte Corporation requires that all of its evaluators adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in the field of foreign credentials equivalency evaluations, as specified below. Any evaluator who does not adhere to the below standards immediately forfeits his or her ability to conduct academic evaluations in the name of The Trustforte Corporation and is subject to immediate employment termination (among other professional ramifications in the community of academic evaluators):

The Trustforte Corporation does not discriminate against any individual seeking an evaluation based on his or her race, religion, nationality, or gender.

The Trustforte Corporation clearly lists its prices and timeframes on its website ( and adheres to these parameters. Prices and timeframes listed on the Trustforte website at the time documents are submitted are the prices and times that shall be honored (unless submission occurred more than six months before the evaluation was completed).

The Trustforte Corporation only evaluates documents that are legitimate and represent legitimate academic credentials. Any documents that are suspected to be forged, counterfeit, or manipulated cannot be used in a Trustforte Evaluation. Any documents from institutions that do not have appropriate accreditation, recognition, or validation cannot be used in a Trustforte Evaluation.

The Trustforte Corporation provides the most accurate evaluations possible. The criteria required for consideration in each Trustforte Evaluation include (but are not limited to): a particular country’s educational system and academic structure, and relevant historical changes in that structure; the type of degree or credential awarded; the duration of the program completed and mode of study (part-time/full-time/accelerated); the reputation of the institutions or organizations involved; and the admission requirements for the program completed. Although not applied uniformly, cultural, religious, and social nuances of a particular requestor’s academic background are also taken into consideration. If there is any doubt regarding the accuracy of an evaluation, additional academic documentation is required to be obtained for the evaluation to be completed. Requests for further documentation are made on an urgent basis. If sufficient information for providing an accurate evaluation is not obtained, an evaluation is not completed.

The Trustforte Corporation adheres to the highest standards in the field of academic evaluations. A Trustforte Evaluation goes through a rigorous review process and is subjected to ongoing research and analysis on foreign degrees and foreign educational systems. This research and analysis is done through consulting the Trustforte Evaluator research library, searching publicly available sources, speaking with foreign and US professors and university officials (who are employed by The Trustforte Corporation and who are independent authorities), and using privately available research databases. The foundational methodology and texts utilized are those accepted in the professional community of US academic evaluators. In addition to ongoing research and analysis that affects policies on specific foreign degrees and foreign educational systems, all equivalency policies of The Trustforte Corporation are reviewed annually.

The Trustforte Corporation renders only impartial and fair evaluations based on the documents and facts presented. Any improper attempts to influence the content of a Trustforte Evaluation through monetary compensation or any other compensation are rejected. The Trustforte Corporation reserves the right to refuse to prepare an evaluation for anyone improperly attempting to influence the content of an evaluation.

The Trustforte Corporation provides corrections to evaluations on an urgent basis, should errors be found. In the event that corrections to evaluations may be required, one new original Trustforte Evaluation is issued at no additional charge and, upon request, all relevant parties will be provided a copy of the corrected evaluation.

The Trustforte Corporation is willing, upon request, to review a prior Trustforte Evaluation and reexamine the determination previously reached. The reexamination of a past Trustforte Evaluation can be completed once if no new documentation or information are provided. Further if new documentation or information is provided, a past Trustforte Evaluation can be reexamined. An explanation of the criteria and methodology used in a specific Trustforte Evaluation is available upon request.

The Trustforte Corporation maintains the privacy and confidentiality of all documentation provided by requestors and of all evaluations performed. To the best of its ability and for the benefit of requestors, The Trustforte Corporation also maintains records of all evaluations completed.

The Trustforte Corporation is committed to advancing the study of foreign educational systems and academic equivalency standards. When possible, The Trustforte Corporation disseminates its findings and research to the public for the betterment of academic equivalencies in the United States and throughout the world.