Professional Position Evaluations

Trustforte is the world’s leading provider of educational credentials equivalency evaluations, analytical reports which determine the equivalency in the US educational system of a candidate’s foreign academic and professional credentials. Our evaluations are recognized as among the most accurate and informative assessments of foreign credentials by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, the US Labor Department, professional advisory boards, international academic advisory organizations, and American universities.

Professional Position Evaluations analyze the proposed job to be held by the candidate in the context of the industry, size and business activities of the company, job duties, managerial responsibilities, and educational prerequisites. Trustforte’s evaluators assess whether the position typically requires a bachelor’s-level degree, qualifying as a “specialty occupation.” Additionally, the position evaluation determines whether the candidate’s educational and/or professional background qualifies for the proposed assignment.

Documents Required for a professional position evaluation:

  • background information regarding the company, consisting of date established, number of employees, annual revenue, and nature of business activities.
  • job description specifying title, job duties, managerial responsibilities, and educational prerequisites.
  • draft of supporting letter from the employer.
  • candidate’s diplomas, transcripts, and postgraduate degrees.
  • supporting letters from previous employers specifying periods of employment, job titles, and job duties.

Trustforte’s turnaround time for academic and work experience evaluations is the fastest in the credentials equivalency field. While standard processing time is 3 to 5 business days, we can provide next-day service, and same-day service often is available.

The content of Trustforte’s evaluations is unparalleled among credentials equivalency firms. Each evaluation includes a review of the candidate’s credentials, a discussion of the university programs and courses completed by the candidate, and a thorough analysis of the ways in which the foreign credentials are viewed under US educational standards. Evaluations include the principal reference sources on which the evaluator relied and the resumes of the evaluators.

Trustforte’s evaluators and staff attorneys are knowledgeable in the laws and regulations of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (US CIS). We are familiar with the different requirements concerning evaluations at the various US CIS Service Centers and keep abreast of changes in INS standards procedures for reviewing evaluations. All Trustforte evaluations are prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the US CIS. The resumes enclosed with the evaluations specify the qualifications of our firm and our evaluators, as well as memberships in various educational organizations. Our firm and its evaluators are members of various professional organizations, including NAFSA: Association of International Educators, and the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals. Our evaluators include (1) an in-house staff comprised of foreign academic credentials experts, university professors, admissions officers, guidance counselors, attorneys, and experts in computer science, engineering, business, science, liberal arts, and the fine arts; and (2) university professors and industry leaders who are recognized authorities in their fields of expertise.